I create sports décor with personality to motivate and connect users with their training environment.

My aim: Ace that space!

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There's much to see here. Take your time, look around, and learn more about how I work with sports clubs and home gym owners to design training environments that are more immersive & beneficial. 

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What can I do for you?

I am Unique!


I have spent over 30 years in the sports industry to now offer a specialist interior design service that:


  • Gives sporting theatres and home gyms the WOW! factor
  • Delivers affordable, immersive training environments
  •  Creates connection, motivates engagement and inspires training commitment
  • Remains faithful to each sport's discipline, heritage & style

You are Alternative!


I understand your style.

Stand up, be counted:

  • Martial arts, MMA, boxing academies    
  • Yoga, pilates, dance studios
  • Riding schools
  • Golf, Cricket, Bowling club houses
  • Hotel spas and gyms
  • Military Messes
  • Home gyms

Together = Results!


Reap the benefits of a purpose-designed, distinctive interior that defines you, your sport and goals, maximises investment and offers a more rewarding experience and enjoyable space for members to train, learn, compete and relax.

My Services

Concept Design & Moodboards


Colours, pattern, form, it's all here to help you visualise a better, more productive training space.

Advisory Show-and-Tell Walk Through


Let me take a walk-though of your training or event space and feedback on decor engagement and layout so you ace that space!

Space Planning


It's all about flow. Keeping traffic moving, in and out so you can shake it all about easily at class.  Avoid log-jam - plan! 

Motivational Graphics


Inspire commitment and accelerate learning with motivational quotes and club tenets -  on walls, floors, windows, furniture, equipment or pull-up banners. The only limit, imagination.

Event Banners & Displays


Promote brand and sponsorship at your next competition, seminar or show. I design, create and deliver display boards, banners, pop-ups, flags, and floor toblerones so your event message attracts eyeballs.

Logos and Branding


Be seen, keep 'em keen. Tell me who you are, what you do and believe in and I'll define it in shape and colour.


What others say about me..

NEST Academy of the Year Award 2018 - Independent Judge

Finalists for NEST Academy of the Year 2018 award


“Moira provided her professional expertise to act as the Independent Judge for NEST Management’s Academy of the Year Award. Moira took the time to visit all of the award nominees across the UK, and provided interesting and detailed analysis on the appearance, design, and uniqueness of the academies plus more. She also scored all of the candidates and helped choose the final winner of the award. Moira’s knowledge and expertise of both Martial Arts and interior design was invaluable for choosing the award winner. She is a passionate and highly knowledgeable professional who is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we hope to continue to work with her for many years to come.”     

Adam Allcock – NEST Marketing Executive

Great knowledge of the requirements of martial arts clubs & gyms

"When I work with people in business, especially when I’m buying a contracted service, I always have two issues in mind. One is obviously the quality of the product or service, but the other is how the delivery of that service is managed; in other words, how good is the business management within the company in delivering the service on time, to the specification and quality expected and promised, and at the cost agreed. If all those issues are poorly managed then whatever the quality of the product it is prejudiced by poor service.

"Over many years of dealing with Moira during her days of managing Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI) magazine there has never been an occasion when what we agreed and what I expected was never perfectly executed. There was always that dedication to professionalism and caring about the service delivery that I know she will bring to Glove & Lotus. 

"Moira has always demonstrated a great design flair and I can’t think of someone who has a greater knowledge of the requirements of martial arts clubs and gyms, so her work in this arena, alongside her more traditional design work, will have the benefit of her unique ‘eye.’

"Anyone thinking of appointing Glove & Lotus can be assured that they are in absolutely competent and professional hands."

Peter Consterdine 

World Combat Association

British Combat Association

British Combat Karate Association

Home Gym Mirror Fit - Personal & Professional


"I contacted Moira requesting a price for large mirrors to cover a wall in my home gym. The prices I previously obtained were out of my price range. Within a day of contacting Moira she sourced some mirrors which included fitting and were substantially less than any I had managed to find. The following Friday they had been delivered and fitted. Absolutely fantastic service and quality. Moira’s attention to detail and efficiency was excellent. Would thoroughly recommend her services. This is a lady that knows her industry and is very professional but has the personal touch too. Thank you Moira for sorting a job in days that I have spent months trying to do."

Christina Howley

Flockton, West Yorkshire

Colour & Design Expertise


"Moira's expertise in colour and design transformed our newly fitted kitchen. We were pleasantly surprised by her colour choices, they blended very well with our units. Then it was all pulled together with her choice of flooring. Wall pictures and floral attributes made the finishing touches. We were very pleased with the whole design, a good result. Our kitchen is now a very desirable place to work in thanks to Moira. We can happily give her a good recommendation."

Mr & Mrs Glover

Hanging Heaton, Dewsbury, W. Yorks

Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club: Motivational Wall Panels


"From my personal point of view it has been so easy to work with you on this project. Your help & support has been appreciated as you have vision in what looks good in a gym environment. This shows in the panels and the way they have been made."

Mark Reynolds, RABC Coach

“They look amazing, Moira!  I was impressed by how you managed to soften the edges so they are less specific to person but maintain the sharpness of their movement. I like the fact that  90% of people coming to the club don’t instantly recognise the person but identify with the message and the energy.  The material also looks to have a finish that will stand up to the rigours of a working boxing club.  Very clever and very creative.”

Mark Croft, RABC Photographer

The heads-up

This is me...Moira Spencer - Owner, design consultant

Moira Spencer, owner Glove & Lotus

"I'm on a mission to help sports club and home gym owners express personality in their sporting interiors to inspire and motivate those who train there and benefit investment.  I guide owners on an interior adventure to maximise user engagement through knockout decor bespoke to an owner's personal taste, style and budget ."

Previously I enjoyed a highly successful 30 year career in publishing, working on national and international sports and military magazines Martial Arts Illustrated, MMA Uncaged, Horse & Countryside, Combat & Survival and Face-Off . This developed my appreciation and understanding of alternative sports activities.  I now link this knowledge with a qualification in Professional Interior Design and contacts in matting, kit, experiential design, architectural finishes and textiles to deliver a unique interior design consultancy and procurement service geared to the sports industry and those with home gyms. 

I am reliable, creative and straight-talking. You can be assured of my personal attention, commitment and skill in developing Concept Designs that fit you and your budget like a glove!

Step-up. I'll show you the ropes


Step 1: Please call or email me for an informal chat – no obligation.  I'm friendly and keen to know more about you and what you do.

Step 2: Why not book an advisory Show-and-Tell Walk Through of your club, gym or studio?  Show me around your facility, tell me about your goals and vision for its improvement and I'll give you advice and feedback on how to ace that space and work within a budget to do it.

Step 3: Looking to step it up a gear? Jump in the ring with me and let's work together to develop a Concept Design that defines your style, stays faithful to your discipline and gives your premises a knock-out look that inspires and motivates everyone who trains there.

Step 4:  Ready to work on those concepts and need help making them reality?  I signpost the trades and help with procurement, passing on discounts to keep your budget on its feet.

Don't be shy, let's chat

You win!

And you've done it!

When the adventure's over, step back and admire how you've maximised your investment and benefitted from a stunning sports decor that enhances your own and your students' training experience.  

To grow physical fitness, first engage heart and mind.

Put your sport décor to work and build up that engagement.

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